We help you by assessing your needs, market and competition to provide solutions that best position you for search visibility.

Developing a brand for your business depends on a detailed host of technical services and marketing expertise. Combining intricate levels of technology that is in a constant state of change, along with your message, is both an art and a science. We work closely with you to develop marketing campaigns that communicate your business story about who you are as you deliver products and services within your services area. Our creative team positions your business in every marketing medium available.

Here is a list of services we offer:

Through the analysis of tracked data and statistical reports, we provide an action plan that will drive your campaigns to deliver results. Ongoing market and competitive research is required in order to build a campaign that will be effective. Your marketing campaign’s effectiveness is based on your searcher’s conception and interpretation of your message. Knowing your customer’s and future potential customer’s thought process and purchasing habits have proven to be valuable information for a successful ongoing campaign.

Through our initial marketing assessment, we learn every nuance of your business and why you are the best choice for your customer. Our mission is to help you craft your message that will leave your customers wanting more.

We position you as a true leader in your community, as a business who desires to provide and deliver what your customer is asking for, before they ask for it.

Only statistics reveal if the message we fashioned met the needs of the searcher. Continuous testing and tracking provide the necessary information to deliver successful results and allows us to make any necessary adjustments. Allow us to assist your business in creating and promoting a winning message that builds your business’s brand awareness, increases your database of loyal patrons and followers as well as positions you in the community as the company of choice that will deliver what your customer needs or wants.

We assist and guide local businesses with their marketing management of their Place Page and Mobile campaigns. The Adz DR is committed to always over deliver.

The Google local business directory has generously provided a free Place Page that hosts in-depth, detailed information pertaining to each business within their geo-targeted area. Our marketing management team takes clients from concept to results while utilizing top level multimedia and push campaigns guaranteed to expand your brand and gain market share through optimizing each component of your page.

Our services begin with securing and optimizing your Google Place Page for search in all the local directories. After a thorough assessment of your current marketing plan and your competitor’s, we create an action plan that will position your business for success.

We offer 3 main packages, and a variety of monthly support package and a Social Media package to maintain your positioning.


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